I can not calibrate!

How about again, now I do not get between distance motors. Any idea or why is the error?

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Can you set the distance between motors in GroundControl > Settings at hand measured distance and try again? How did the workflow of calibration go? Any hold ups?

Were you able to start with the first link of the chain on the 12 o’clock tooth and then extend the chain to reach the other sprocket?

I can picture getting a negative number from manually extending the chain and then letting it retract automatically

It is correct what you mention Bar, I did manually without using extending, for the moment I am already at my place of work, as soon as I arrive I will do as you mention

I will do as Bar says, if I can not calibrate yet, I will try what you say Gero, but the concern that the measure is negative worries me because the left engine turns to the left as Buttom but he will do more tests as soon as he arrives, I appreciate.

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Solved i am sorry it’s my inglish thanks Bar


That is fantastic news! Thank you for the update :grinning: