First run Ground Control

My first post here… I bought the motors and electronics from maslow in june, I build a frame in the garage, bought the chains, and yesterday i tried to run the calibration process…
It was very confuse to me… Manual Calibration, Calibrate, Set chain lenght…
I dont remember where, but at some point the process mesure the chain lenght… or distance between motors… my chains are shorter (3050 mm) than de distance between motors (3200mm)
How do I run this step?.. this one where you put the chain in the left sprocket and run the motors until reach the right one… In this process the distance I entered to advance the chain dont work, I put 1000 mm and move just 100… I attache the second chain to reach the right sprocket.

next the folowing step…

I DON T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING… what thing This step do? center de sled?.. when i clik Adjust Left chain for example, it extend just 200 mm, a second click and nothing more happen … the same with the right chain… This step is very confuse to me… can I skip it and set something amnualy?.. if you can explain me…

Do you have a detailed calibration process threath? because I cant fid it…

thank you, regards

That sounds like something is going wrong. Given the steps you described I would expect the chain to extend 1000mm. What do you see when you press Actions and then Test Motors/Encoders?

You can skip the calibration process entirely by pressing Actions and then Manual Calibration if you would like.

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Hello bar,

I didn’t have time to work with the cnc yet… may be this night. But befor I want to keep out a doubt; I make a triangular sled support, and in some point the setup/calibration process ask for the distance between the end of the chain to the bit center (x) … I build the following setup:

What is de value of x? a + b or just a?.. I think a+b … isn’t it?

tonight i would try to calibrate it.


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An other thing… I have 11 teeth sprocket… where I configure that?.. not 10, 11

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The rotation radius is from the bit to the chain connection, so a+b.
The gear teeth are ->Settings->click on Maslow Settings and choose -> Advanced settings.


I din’t see this menu before… GC interface have it tricks ;0) I am going to play with it

thank you