I cheated on my stand

I stopped by the surplus swap-meet this morning. Normally when you buy surplus you expect to have to fix things.

I picked up this Workstation On Wheels-

It weighs around 100lbs. I was shocked to find whenI plugged it in, it beeped, started charging the on board battery back up system, 15 inch DVI display lit up & I found these buttons raise and lower the station, it has 12 and 5 volts power supplied. This is going to be my PC stand for the Maslow. I got it for dirt cheap, like less then going out for lunch. Happy camper.

I’ll still make a 2nd stand on the Maslow out of wood.

Thank you


Nice score! I’m a little jealous

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It’s all aluminum except the Lead Acid batteries. The box is labeled late 2013 so I’m thinking it might need new ones.

Thank you

I’d say it depends on how long it was idle. If it was being charged regularly you should be fine

I’ll find out once I can sit with it all day. I didn’t leave it plugged in unattended. It looks like this was a Thin Client model. I fount brochure -

Thank you

a quick google of that model through google shopping has it at $5+k Double score. If they had more, you could make a pretty penny

I have the guys card. But there is no guarantee the one next to it isn’t dead. It’s surplus. You did better then me on google, It tried “buy used” and it took me to the distributors with no price. I used to work in digital signature pads and we outfitted these types of equipment. They can easy exceed 10K by the time they are done.

I just realized it has a vesa monitor mount - my 32 inch screen will have a new home soon. On the down side the wheels are full of hair. I think I’ll get gloves and tweezers from the dollar store to do that job. lol

Thank you

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I’d love to get one or two if he has more (even if they are dead, I can use the

David Lang

are these standard wheels like office chairs use (pop-in with round pegs), you
may want to just spend $20-30 and buy new wheels, you can get larger ones that
will roll over junk on the ground more easily

Nope it’s industrial. Large roller bearings.

Thank you

I’ll try to locate the card I got it a few months back. He is located in Santa Anna. it’s going to be a drive for you.

Thank you

I drive out to Pasadena for work, not that bad :slight_smile: