I have broken my interlock on the z axis

I was trying to drill and tap the nib on the interlock for the Ridged router z axis to make it simpler to prevent it from pivoting. I also desired it to be simple to disengage so that I can pull the spindle easily. The pot metal shattered leaving a cradle for a conical wedge (otherwise known as a wire nut :wink:). I used a large zip tie all the way around the interlock mechanism and used a small screw to secure it from slipping. The screw may have also tightened the wedge. I am glad I have managed to get the stock z axis to make it this far but don’t know how long it is for the world.

What does it take to completely redo the z axis? Build? Settings? Calibrations? I’m intimidated :fearful:. Also… What’s going on when measurements don’t match from cam to reality?

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If you want to just replace the parts with original design this company has most parts at reasonable price.


The other option you have is to upgrade the Z axis. There are a few designs out there (I am building the Meticulous Z design currently). They are not quick fixes as you have to wait for shipping (if you don’t want to spend a ton of $).


order multiple parts at once, especially the orange buttons. the parts are
cheaper than the shipping in many cases, so get spares.

David Lang