Router Dead in the water (Z axis issues)

Running the Rigid Router and have had maybe 2 successful cuts and now the little plastic clip that sits into router and keep the router in the housing is toast. I read some topics here that people have posted about this issue but it has now made my Maslow completely useless. the play in that little thing is so bad that now the router slides right off that clip and renders the z axis useless.

Has anyone come up with a full proof solution? Should I think about a different router? I’m willing to upgrade to a better router if it means I don’t have to deal with these issues.

Seems there are a few problems with that clip, one is the ridiculous amount of play and the second is the pressure it puts on the router cut out which is very little.

Thanks for any recommendations or ideas.

Foolproof isn’t the right phrase but I have solved my problem for now by just making sure that mechanism is wedged against the rail that it rides up and down. The wedge must be plastic to slide on the metal.I definitely need to rebuild my entire z-axis and there is an awesome design called the meticulous z-axis.

How do you make sure it stays in that position when the z axis moves up and down? is there another router that is better?

Hopefully this link gets you to my topic that explains what I’ve experienced. The pic should explain where a plastic wedge must go. If you have a better solution let me know.
We need to do something like the plans featured in this topic for a more permanent fix: The Meticulous Z-Axis

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