I need a tutor to walk me through basics

I bought my Maslow 2 years ago with great excitement and promptly assembled it, built a cutting stand and calibrated it per instructions. After that, I completely failed. Everything seems to be working correctly, but I cannot get anything cut. We replaced the controller which still didn’t solve the problem. I retreated in complete defeat even after a wonderful gentleman tried in vain to help me thru facetime! I’m loading files into my makerverse app which never seems to see them as more than a single point.
I would be willing to pay someone to come to San Bernardino CA and show me what I’m doing wrong. Anybody live near here?

Simi Valley, an hour or two away.

David Lang

Hi David,
Thank you for your quick reply! We’re about 110 miles away but I’m often out that way. I could save you a trip if you think I can learn what I need by visiting you. What days/times are best for you?

I would probably need to see your system and experiment to figure it out. I will
be out that way (as far as riverside anyway) the week of July 4 and could
possibly make it out sooner, let’s see if there is anyone closer.

David Lang

OK great. I’ll stay in touch.