Anyone in NYC/Brooklyn I could hire to help me with my Maslow Setup?

Hi Community,

I have built the frame and connected all the cables and electronics, but I have hit a wall. I just had a baby and my time is limited. I wish I had the time resources to figure it out on my own, but alas, I want to be an attentive Dad. I would love to hire someone who has setup a maslow before to come and set my unit up. I would be grateful to compensate you for helping me finally get this machine up and running. Thank you!



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Congrats on the little one.
Hope you can find someone, it’s in US i guess, so too far for me :slight_smile:
A friendly ‘doublepost warning’ :wink:

Kind regards, Gero

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In addition to the warning about double posting, you might want to remove your email. This is a public forum an your email will get picked up by spam bots.

Thanks for the friendly warning. I went ahead and removed my email too. If I don’t hear from anyone, perhaps I will ask for some remote help. Thanks again!


Thank you! Fixed! :slight_smile:

Also, congrats on being a new dad! :slight_smile: I understand your circumstances. I have about 1.5-2 hrs/week to work on Maslow. Please don’t take this the wrong way but I encourage you to be patient with life and keep reading the forums. In my opinion, the Maslow CNC is like a lot of other things in life; “you get what you put in” and “it’s about the journey not the destination”. If you pay someone to do it for you, you miss out on so much of the learning experience of how the machine works and it’s quirks.

This community is an immense resource, especially previous conversations/threads. I have found that almost everything has been covered before. I see that you have 4 hours of total reading time; that’s great!

If you are struggling with something, please know that you aren’t the first and won’t be the last. Try searching the forums for each specific problem and keep at it. Ask the community questions. :slight_smile:


Ok. I’ll give it a go! Thanks for the encouragement… :sunglasses:

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This is encouragement, even though it might not seem it…
It took me over a year to finish my build, with almost the same amount of time with the Maslow in the box. I have two small kids, and not enough time for all the projects, but the satisfaction you’ll get from your first successful cut will be worth it. And (I realize this is a bit early) having your children watch you build something from parts is, I believe, great for both you and them.

Remember, nap time is your friend… assuming your child naps (my second does not)


@zachbliss And to answer your original question. I wish I could come to NYC/Brooklyn to help :wink:

Also, there is a map somewhere on here where you can pin your (approximate) location. Pretty informal and not sure how many people have actually done it but it’s neat to see who is around you.

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i put myself on that map… if i can be so bold.


Zach - I just sent you a PM here. I might be able to help.


Congrats on the new kid! It gets easier, although it might take around 18 years or so :grinning: before you both get to sleep through the night.

Besides kids are the path to grandkids, they’re pretty cool too

Hey- I could help you out- I’m local and built one of these/use it on a daily basis at my job.