If I buy the kit, what else do I need to get this cutting wood?

If I buy the EastBaySource or the MakerMade Maslow kits, will I be ready to start cutting as soon as i buy a router and toss it on there? I’m not sure I understand from their details what (If any) additional work is involved. Do I need to design a frame to support it?

From my understanding of the kits, they only come with the electronics, motors, chains, and all hardware needed to assemble the sled and attach the motors to your frame of choice (maybe a sled depending on the version of the “kit” you buy). What is usually needed is the router, and then wood and hardware to build said frame of choice.

Take a look at the following link: The Maslow Manual V 0.001 as this should help you understand the process of how to get up and running, as well as helpful detail in building your frame. This is a really great community on here, and there is a wealth of knowledge if you get stuck somewhere.

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Design? Not unless you want to. Build? Yes.

If you look at this page, I think you’re basically at step 4 once you get your kit (dependin: Assembly Guide — Maslow

There is a good list of frame plans and assembly guides here (which is where you go once you click on step 4): Choose A Frame Design · MaslowCNC/Mechanics Wiki · GitHub

Also, GroundControl, while it still works, has kind of been supplanted by WebControl, then Makerverse. Choose the software you like, but be aware you might have to update the firmware on your Arduino, so learn how to do that as well (it’s not too hard).

Then the last step is to calibrate your machine, but all softwares use a different procedure. Follow the on-screen prompts and you should be good.

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Of note if you are getting the EastBaySource kit and the Arduino Mega they sell with it, then the firmware they use is slightly different than the Arduino Mega board found in the original/Makermade version (not the M2 which uses the Due board - that’s a whole other firmware). I did read on here recently that someone was working with EastBaySource to get there version of the firmware merged in to avoid some issues that others were having in getting the wrong firmware. Just something to keep in mind as @emilecantin mentioned updating the firmware in his post.

I just synced up the East Bay Source firmware with the standard firmware so they should be plug and play now!


@bar I knew you all were working on it. Glad to see that it is all together now, and the universe is one again!!!

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we sell kits too! They have a laser cut base and pre assembled dedicated z axis so they are pretty fast to assemble. There are major differences in price and components in all 3 suppliers’ kits. make sure you know the differences.

none of these kits are ready to “start cutting” as soon as you buy a router. You have to learn the software, calibrate them, and tinker with them a little to a lot.

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