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Walkthrough from ordering to cutting your own designs


Work in progress! Don’t hesitate to complete!

Maslow has many strengths. The most important one is that you can bring your own router, hardware and software. The weakness is you have a multitude of ways of setup! Sometimes it is confusing to find the exact information needed for your setup.

Let’s try to make a complete wiki, pointing to the right places of information. Editing this wiki is really easy. At the bottom of the post is an edit button. Edit it just like you would edit any post.

0. Preparation
Check compatible operating systems

Check for compatible hardware, Many tablets have 1 USB port that is needed to power the tablet or you will run out of battery before you finish a cut. This would require a USB hub, powered is usually a better choice when a USB hub is required. Where ever possible use USB 2.0 ports.

1. Ordering material

1.a) Order a kit
1.a.1) Maker Made CNC Classic Kit, $499.99 includes basic kit, ring kit, z-axis kit. You will need to supply the router. Forum username @MakerMadeCNC. Status: active.
1.a.2) metalmaslow’s Metal Maslow Kit, $600 includes a Makita RT0701C router ($500 without router) and several upgrades to the original Maslow. Forum username @Metalmaslow. Status: Orders starting late November, shipping December, 2018.
1.a.3) East Bay Source’s Original Maslow Kit, price and features TBD. Status: Ordering parts, have not yet announced when sales will open.

1.b) Put together your own kit:

1.c) If you opted for the bosch 1200 AE, order a Z-axis conversion kit

2. Electronics

3. Maslow programs
3.a) Instructions for programming arduino
3;b) Instructions for installing ground control

4. Building the frame

5. Setting up Z-axis
Ridgid R2200
Bosch 1200 AE

6. Temporary sled

7. Calibration
From the well known song:“calibration, let’s all calibrate and have a good time”

8. CAD software
Multiple are available:

9. Cutting the final sled
Remark: attach the carriages and mount the router before fixing the ring. In that way you can verify the carriages can travel freely around the body of your router. Also push the router down to check if the carriages never touch the body.

10. Post-process your first design

11 Cut your first design

Beginners Guide? Where to Start?
'New user tutorial'
How do I get started
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The Maslow CNC Router

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