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Price on maslow



How much is the kit? On the makersmade site it goes for 500. On the maslow site on the FAQ


Different suppliers different beasts. There are differences depending on preferences.
there may be others.
(swap meet also a couple are up right now)


Thank you for the information.


Is the “z-axis kit” included in these kits?


That’s a good question. I would hope so because I would think that the new complete kit should include it. I cannot imagine running a Maslow without a z axis. However, the aftermarket builds seem to have much more advantage from my current perspective without having one myself. They will probably all answer private messages about their products. :smiley: The z-axis being included would at least give you all of the connections with a motor, right? I think that it would be missing something without it.


Our kits include the z-axis.


What is (Ground Control)?


Ground Control is the user interface software that communicates with the arduino board. It is where you will load up your design file (the g-code file, usually a .nc or .gcode file), control the cutting sled, and start the program defined by your gcode file. Overall control of the Maslow.