I'm naming my Maslow - Abraham

I have so many CNC tools - By naming them it’s easier to keep track of them like “Configuration_ Files_Abraham” folder. I considered Ftitz for Fritz Zwicky who discovered Dark Matter or “missing space”. After reading about Abraham Maslow, I had to go with it.

Post the name of your Maslow if you name yours.

Thank you


I name my computers since they need a DNS name anyways. They generally have short practical names e.g. pygmy, sky, blade, batman, tomato, swanky (google gave me that one).

I will have to think of something for the maslow. Chipy?? I dunno, give me some time.


Back in the mid-90’s the bank I worked for kept expanding its in-house computer ops. We eventually named all of our systems after the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Most likely I will name mine Malsow. I know, sad itsn’t it…


An uncle of mine back in the 80’s in New Zealand had a little sausage dog called “Swanky” such a cool name!