Indexing for cuts on both sides

This is not really a troubleshooting topic, but kind of.

I’m wondering if (how) other people are cutting both sides of a piece and getting alignment to be spot-on? I am doing some cutting on aluminum (which works pretty well btw) and one piece needs to be pocketed on two sides. I can cut the pockets well enough but indexing the stock such that it is still in alignment after flipping it over has been a challenge. I am thinking about making a fixture that will allow me to align the bit and piece accurately on both the front and back side. Working on the slant is a bit more difficult for operations like this, than on a tabletop, I’m finding.

Thought I would ask if others are doing this in other (better) ways before I start in on mine.

On the desktop cnc i drill 4 holes for wood dowels through the workpiece into the spoil-board.
That makes flipping easy.
On the Maslow i would mount a frame, or just 1 precise 90° angle to align with would do.

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