Cutting both sides of the board

I did this today, i tried indexing pins to cut both front and back and it worked out perfectly.
I just drew 2 holes in fusion before i mirrored the image for the other side. Then made 2 different setups and used the left hole as the zero point on both the front and back.
When the front was done I drilled trough the holes all the way trough the backing board and put 2 dowels in, then i put the board the the other way over the dowels.


Amazing! The fist ‘3D’ Maslow cut and it’s beautiful as well.

Edit: I forgot the Project Of The Month nomination!


Truly beautiful it’s going to be hard to beat this, you have my vote for project of the month.


I’m just sorry that i forgot to take pictures during the process. Maybe if i find the time i’ll make a demo video.


Maybe just post screenshots from the Fusion model?

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I hope this is more clear, you have to make sure the 2 holes are horizontal. At first i thought i had to select the same hole for the front and the back. but the pivot point is actually the axis in the middle of the 2 holes.


Great work!
I will need this for an upcoming project…

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