Initial cut 30% larger than expected

I finally got around to installing my Z-axis kit, updating firmware and getting everything re-calibrated. I decided to cut a new sled because my first attempt had major cosmetic issues, but when I went to cut the new sled, I found:

  1. The sled printed 30% larger than my previous attempt (17.5" on my original attempt (.8x firmware/GC) to 22.75" on my next pass

  2. My Screw holes were much larger than anticipated (because I picked “inside” vs. “outside” in Makerbot.

  3. My screw hold went clean through (no recess)

I’m going to retest some other shapes, but I was curious to see if anyone else had anything like this?

P.S. The Z-Axis kit is a life saver!


Did you use MakerCAM to generate the gcode? I have seen a similar issue when MakerCAM is loading a file generated from inkscape.

The solution is to click Edit -> Edit Preferences in MakerCAM and then change the SVG Import Default Resolution to 96

If you are seeing the issue with the file for the sled downloaded from the github repository I will fix the file so that it loads correctly by default.


I DID use MakerCAM! I’ll try changing the resolution to 96 or if you re-save the file before I get a chance, I’ll test the new one for you.

And thanks so much for the quick reply!