Something is not right - calibration problem maybe? -- fixed --

I am trying to cutout the stand brackets and have a problem as you can see from the picture. These are all the #1 bracket printed 4 different times. I successfully printed the sled, re-calibrated the machine after assembly of the sled and then went on to cut these parts.

I created a ‘’ file from the example svg file and makercam.

I didn’t create these on the far edges of the machine, and I’m not expecting them to be that accurate, but these are a little extreme.

i’m guessing this is more of a calibration problem, but not sure what else to do. suggestions?


I think you are right and that is absolutely a calibration issue!

When you went through the calibration process did everything go smoothly? We’re you able to get the test pattern to be within .5mm? Did the numbers it came up with for the machine dimensions seem reasonable?

This is to extreme. :scream: Perhaps a picture of the sheet could help and then playing with the simulator in GroudControl to narrow in, if it is the settings. You could also try measuring motor distance and hight by hand and compare to the setting in GC. One more test to rule out that something strange is going on would be, cut a square with low depth, then move the sled around over the sheet, shut down everything, boot it back up and cut the same square at the same place.

I found my problem. My temp upper right arm had a few broken screws which allowed it to move. I am taking Bee’s advise and using some stronger screws. A few more bucks on screws will save more money on the wood in the long run.


I can confirm completely that it was the failure in the right arm that caused the problem. I’ve cut out all the parts and they all match up!


That’s great to hear! Thanks for the update :grinning: