Interestingly similar problem to calibration

This guy is doing some interesting things with 3d position tracking with cameras and I think that some of the math might be relevant for automatic calibration. Maybe not so relevant that we can actually benefit from it, but it’s cool to see something that is a somewhat similar problem.

One can never get enough drone videos.

There are some interesting papers on CDPR calibrations that might be applicable if not already reviewed. These two stand out in a cursory review and might be worth a read:
Applied Sciences | Free Full-Text | A Novel Calibration Algorithm for Cable-Driven Parallel Robots with Application to Rehabilitation

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That second one is very interesting because they are trying to do it in an under-constrained case which I think is quite difficult to do precisely, this time around we are over constrained which I think gives us redundant information making it easier.

It’s a neat challenge that I think will be interesting to keep exploring.