Intricate Project - Portfolio case

I’m wondering if Maslow is capable of something like this:



Intricate - The Maslow is a tool. How much you employ it is up to you. I can see parts the Maslow can do in that project. I see other parts that might be faster and better done by hand.

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Welcome! Since I’ve seen a phone case made with the Maslow, I think it would be no problem at all.
I’ve seen the video, love this box and wish this guy would put the cad files up open source.

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To add on to what @bee and @Gero have said, the Maslow is capable of some pretty precise cuts, but you have to position the parts well to take advantage of the good precision. There are areas in the bed which have some issues staying within tolerance.

See this thread for more information on where the machine has the best accuracy:

The url will send you right to my post about the accuracy that the 45 degree linkage kit has across the entire bed. There are some layouts in that post that show were there are accuracy issues.

All that said, I think the Maslow would be capable of doing this project. Just wanted to make sure you were aware of the “spectrum of accuracy”

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Thanks Everyone tips/comments. If I do this I’ll be sure to post about it.



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I saw this video too. He has files for both boxes up for a good price. I think once I get the linkage kit and the latest software I’m going to try it out

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