Inverse problem with x, y

I apologize for my question. Just finished connecting the machine. I came across this problem: the machine instead of going to the right and going down to the left upwards and vice versa. Rearranged ports now goes up and down as needed, but right to the left - inversion. How to fix the problem? Thank you in advance.

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MP1 should be the right motor standing in front of the frame. MP3 the left motor.
Another reason could be the setting top-feed/bottom-feed.
If your slack chains are on the sides, set top-feed, if they are across the top set bottom-feed.
Kind regards, Gero


Thank you! Where could i find that setting?

It’s set during the calibration. You can also set it in the Advanced settings.
In GroundControl click on ‘Settings’ and then on the grey bar on the title ‘Maslow Stetting’. A ‘hidden’ menu will show up with ‘Advanced Stettings’. You will find Top/Bottom there.

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Super! It works! Thank you for such a detailed instruction.

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Thank you for your question!
It brings up thoughts like ‘why is that not in the main settings’ as it is a part of the setup.
It’s questions like this that have brought this project forward constantly improving.
Reward us by sharing your first steps and cuts.
Any feedback is more then welcome and has information on how to get even better.
Hoping for some posts at my-first-cuts soon :wink:
Kind regards, Gero

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Ok, i will. But the first try is done


Looks good, but what happened on the left side of the “M”?

I forgot that i didnt install Z axe yet :crazy_face:

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