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iPad/notebook stand for indoor cycling

First finished project!
Designed in LibreCAD ,with pocket connections.
It all fitted nicely,a little glue and done!
I cut my pockets a bit too deep so the remaining wood is wafer thin but the glue made it strong again.



It always blows my mind when I cut something with is wafer thin. It’s usually an accident, but I feel like there must be something cool than can be done by making very thin wood. I certainly couldn’t do it by hand.

Thanks for sharing the picture of the finished version!


A nice and clean design. Fantastic!
Are you generating the 12V for the Maslow with the bike? :grimacing:
Maslow Eco Light!


I didn’t cut the part again ,just repaired it, did not want to throw the wood away. There will be more stuff to cut to test the machine.

Those are some pretty lines! There’s something to be said for making simple things feel elegant. Well done!

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Looks quite nice. Thanks for sharing.

@Brr Would it be OK if I wrote about your cycling desk and experimental tensioning system in the newsletter this week?

Yes,of course Bar anything I share on the forum you can use for whatever you like.


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