Cupcake Display Project - FINISHED!

Making a cupcake display for a friend’s wedding in a few weeks, and I ended up doing a full layout in SolidWorks before moving to Fusion 360 for the CAM.

I wanted to cut as many parts on one sheet at the same time.
The cut ran for 5.1 hours straight, making it my longest cut ever on the Maslow.

Standard Speed, .15" stepdowns, Single Flute Upcut Bit.

I also cut a bit closer to the edges than usual, but no intervention was necessary.

I’ll probably post a picture of the finished product if anyone is interested. I was just excited to have the maslow operating so smoothly and predictably last night.

This is the overall design, I can post it to the Community garden if anyone would like to make one for themselves, though I kindof doubt it.



That is awesome. More pictures


Just wondering, the rack on the left, is it only 1 sheet thick? If so, that would mean cupcakes are quite a balanced food :slight_smile:

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There’s 3 layers of plywood for that one. You can kinda see how thick it is in the last picture (render). The rack is going to be the cupcake legend with labeled slots for each kind.

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That is so cool!


Please share this project on the garden. I may want to actually cut this one out.


Gorgeous, please share it! My daughter loves baking and this would be an amazing surprise for her. Nice work!


Looks great, thanks also for including the bit type you used. I look forward to seeing the finished product


Parts are all cut and dry-fitted as of last night. Just need to sand, and do a little cleanup:

(The little brace on the back of the shelves is just there to keep the parts from falling over for the picture BTW)

Have a great weekend!


This is so cool! Digging the table it sitting on too

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Oh man, LOVING this. Can’t wait to see the finished version with cupcakes on it :grinning:


Thank you @bar!

I am debating adding legs to this display since it’s nearly large enough to BE a table. Is there a repository of standard leg joints somewhere on these forums I could draw from for that part or do I need to design my own?


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nothing on this forum, but if you search for CNC tables you will find a lot of
different options.


given that you made the tree table, how about a cathedral window motif for legs?

David Lang

That is a lovely idea! I only have a few 1x4ft strips to use, so I might not be able to do that in the next few days with my material budget, but I definitely will consider something simple but ornate.

you may want to take a look at

it’s a bit pricy at $16 for a kindle version, but it’s got a lot of good ideas
in it, including details on doing legs from plywood that will survive (including
details like feet to hold them together)

you can also buy table legs from home centers or from recycle places.

look for a Habitat for Humanity ReStore near you where they sell surplus or
donated building supplies

Or Goodwill/Salvation Army may have some tables cheap that you can steal the
legs from.

David Lang


Looks great,

Thanks David!

Got most of the gold edge banding on yesterday, should be wrapping up the project this evening, but you know how that goes…


Cupcake display update:

  • I just finished the last bit of work for the display last night.
  • (I may still cut out a set of legs if I’m able to piece together enough scrap)
  • The Gold banding is just mylar tape in case anyone is wondering
    • (I’ll post a link to it when I post this project in the garden)

[Hammer for Scale]

Kerf-bent plywood for the curved bit of the support wall.


This is a completely original design that you made isn’t it or did you see plans for it elsewhere? Either way it looks amazing.

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