Is Maslow for me

Hello. I build speakers. I often buy flat packs from web sites. Everything is cut including the holes the speaker goes in. I’ve also wanted to build a mame machine. Can maslow do the cabinet and the control panel? The control panel has all the holes for the buttons and joysticks.

Maslow can totally do this.

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I’d second that. This is exactly what Maslow is for and I’ve already cut some sheet parts out. I’d also bear in mind that this is a new product and there is a degree of development and improvement that is under way right now. This means that the experience is not what you’d get from a product you’d buy from a normal supplier. There will be niggles and so on and these are fixed through the forum. Maslows can also be physically different from the standard and as the frame isn’t part of the kit all Maslows will be slightly (or greatly) different. So you can tailor it to your needs, but you can also have problems that other people aren’t having.

Having said all that, I think it’s a very useful tool and I’m looking forward to pushing it’s envelope a bit. And then maybe a lot…


MaslowCNC would be great for the plywood. Getting it dialed in for high tight fits might be an issue if you need really high tolerances. On nameplates, depending on what you have in mind. Engraving little brass plaques or plastic bezels with intricate images and legends could be problematic. Still it goes back to tolerances required.

I don’t want to be a ‘Debbie Downer’ here, but the MaslowCNC is a great machine. But we always need to determine if the tool we choose is correct for the job at hand. More of the ‘traditional’ gantry type machines (normally larger, more rigid, and more $$, but that also is an oversimplification and a too-broad statement to take for all options available) seem to have better tolerances for really close work. For me, making boxes and lawn games/furniture it should be more than sufficient.

I am still assembling mine (going slow here… my problem and time management, not the design or parts) so I cannot speak from experience here.

One of the import mini router’s all over eBay and Amazon would be a better fit, but do your homework. They range in quality from utter sheep manure to pretty decent, don’t forget to decide what dimensions you need.

For sheet goods, like plywood panels, you can’t touch the Maslow’s price. It’s going from pretty good to amazing while we watch, with ongoing efforts by Bar and this community


I’ve also got a 3020 CNC machine which I bought to mill PCBs and it does things that the Maslow cannot, that’s for certain. It can mill surface mount PCBs easily and for engraving brass plaques would be much better. The Maslow is for big things.