Is milling possible?

Can I mill like here for a kitchen furniture door ?

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The Maslow can do whatever a router can do basically. If you can achieve it by hand with a router you can have it digitally repeated by a Maslow.

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Thanks a lot Bee. This kind of work is usually performed with a shaper or a CNC milling machine. The milling bit diameter is large and implies a strong torque. To raise better my question : can a router be diverted to milling ?
My knowledge of wood work is too much basic I am afraid.

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I have thought about this too. I highly doubt you can use the 1/2 shaper bits to do one pass without it jumping. You might be able to if you slow down the feed rate. The upward force can exert a good amount but the downward force relies on the brick and gravity. I have thought about doing a weight system to be able to crank up the downward force. I was thinking of running a rope from the sled to a bottom corner pulley and then up to another pulley and attach a weight on the other end. This would give a nice weight distribution that can be increased and decreased based on the need.


I agree with @Sharpsburg_Woodworke I think that using something like a 1/2 inch sharper bit in a single pass would produce too much torque. I have used something like a 45 degree or round-over bit to engrave or give rounded edges.

Its also worth noting that most of the bits which do this type of work do not allow plunging but are instead meant to follow an edge which makes them work well on something like a shaper



My official 2d cad drawing.


This is one of those times you could use your sled as a router table, just make a hole in your workbench for your sled, so that is sits flush. And control the height with the z-axis


I really love that idea dag83. I haven’t even considered that. The router is a 1/2 router and you could use it like a shaper.


I’ve had that idea a while back :slight_smile:
Making the sled into a router table


And if you need a template…you can cut those on Maslow all day :grin:


That is one of the best uses of the maslow in woodworking i think.

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Hi @Dag83, could you post a drawing please ?

I believe this set-up has been tried with poor results. I can’t find the thread at this moment

I would like to see how that worked out.

I don’t have it worked out yet, but something like this, but round, and controlled electronically.