Is the kit $350 or $500?


The kit has been marketed as great value for under $300 for some time so why is it now being sold by approved agents like for $500?

Has it changed, that around a 65% increase in price…


I don’t remember the kit being marketed for 300. It was always 'under 500’ (without router and frame parts).

Sorry meant $350 Is the new kit different?

Updated my original post from $300 to $350, I’m not complaining just want to understand…

350$ was 1 option in the kickstarter I’ve linked, limited to 250 backers.
New kits come with one of the triangular chain mounts (original kits had brackets), 1 or 2 suppliers provide a c-beam for z-axis, 1 or 2 suppliers send a more robust motor shield (TLE 5206).
This improvements justify a higher price.


Agree with Gero.

You can buy all the components for the kit yourself online if you want to save some money, but for most people its just easier to buy a kit. by the time you pay for a router, computer, frame, some plywood and router bits, figure $700 to $900 total cost. I think the "under $500 " marketing slogan was a bit optimistic, it assumed you already owned a router, computer and other stuff.

it was $350 for the original kit (without the Z axis) + $150 for the router.

with the new kit suppliers, you need to check the prices of each (and what they

David Lang