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Is the kit $350 or $500?



The kit has been marketed as great value for under $300 for some time so why is it now being sold by approved agents like for $500?

Has it changed, that around a 65% increase in price…



I don’t remember the kit being marketed for 300. It was always 'under 500’ (without router and frame parts).


Sorry meant $350 Is the new kit different?

Updated my original post from $300 to $350, I’m not complaining just want to understand…


350$ was 1 option in the kickstarter I’ve linked, limited to 250 backers.
New kits come with one of the triangular chain mounts (original kits had brackets), 1 or 2 suppliers provide a c-beam for z-axis, 1 or 2 suppliers send a more robust motor shield (TLE 5206).
This improvements justify a higher price.