Is there a kinematics calibration guide?

try removing your .ini file and starting from scratch

or try zeroing out the distance between mounting points, vertical distance mounting points, and CG values

we’ve seen that something seems to be still using those values if they are defined.


Thanks dlang, i’ll give it a try.

also, are you in inches or mm for the calibration steps?

I’m using millimeters

you may want to also try the calibration spreadsheet at

and then enter the values manually

This is an experimental process, but the math says it should work, and since you
are having problems with the standard calibration…

But first clear the .ini and try from scratch

one other thing, if you are in triangular kinematics, it should not be showing
you the settings you show in the screenshot, it should be showing you a shorter
list that has rotation radius.

it looks as if you are not actually in triangular kinematics

Be careful here - the image shown is as seen for both quad- and triangular choices. The triangular choice is on the Advanced Settings panel, not shown above.


The spreadsheet requires the user to enter the programmed chain length for the two cuts. I’m not certain that these numbers are readily available on a standard installation at this time. I’d welcome correction, though :wink:.

But the screen that’s shown does not give the option to set the rotation radius.

That’s right, that setting is on the Advanced Settings screen, right the Quad/Triangular choice. Investigate, don’t speculate…

Here is the advanced screen, working on another round of calibration with a deleted INI file right now.

OK, that value of 266.7 seems very much too high. I made a big difference on my setup when I put 127 in that field (assuming that you’re using the stainless steel top-mounted linkage shown in your picture, of course).

currently using the wood kit from burn. I do have the metal version from dlang, however I wasn’t able to get my z upgrade in without running into it.

OK, I think that 266.7 is in the neighborhood for the wood kit. Sorry to have jumped to a conclusion. I don’t have experience with that one.


No problem, running a test cut now. I hope the INI issue was the cause. This has been driving me nuts.


Just throwing this out there, but maybe double check that the calibrated CNC machine that made the original piece was using the exact same gcode file as you are using now. What if the piece you are trying to cut on Maslow actually should be shorter than the piece you cut with the calibrated CNC machine?

Double checked that, the original cut is within .05 of the original design file. and perfectly fits Dlang’s laser-cut metal kit. it’s the Maslow. Deleting and recreating the INI file has gotten me to within 3mm of where i’m supposed to be. Right now I’m tweaking and cutting, I think now that I’ve got the major issue out of the way, I can get it with in a mm or so.


what was the problem you were having?

Ok, I see from the picture that your clamps for the router stick out too far for
my kit. Can you cut a new clamp that moves the bolt closer to the router to

my cuts were coming up almost an inch short, consistently.

Yea, i’ll have to redesign the clamps. Might have to cut them out of aluminum so that I can shrink things down.