Horizontal cuts arc

I made a test rectangle to see the accuracy of the maslow and my horizontal cuts arc upwards. The cuts are off by 3/8" vertically and 1" horizontal. I’m running ground control v 98. I tried running 99 but the software can’t seem to find the router

you need to match the firmware version to the GC version. Everything before 1.0
(due out next week) has known accuracy problems at this point.

are you using the stock kit of one of the triangulation linkage kits?

That sort of error says that the physical dimensions of the machine don’t match
what GC and the firmware think they are.

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I fixed the arc issue. The rotation radius for triangular kinematics dimension was off. I’m still on the temp sled. Trying to dial it in because my sled design has some cuts that need to be accurate. My cuts are off by 1/4" vertical and 1/8" horizontal now. When I did calibration it was spot on. I checked the g code and everything seems as it should. Any tips on how to dial it in closer?


re-do the calibration and check if anything moves, especially with the motor
distance check (and use the most current git code or change the encoder steps to
8114 from 8148)

Given that it was spot on before and now is off, I’ll bet the arms or motor
mounts are moving

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You’re using a temp sled but do you also have a triangular kinematics kit of any sort installed on it (linkage or ring)? If you aren’t using a linkage or ring then I don’t think you should be using the rotation radius or triangular kinematics. Maybe I misunderstood.

Regular temp sled. Nothing fancy. I just received the linkage kit but haven’t gotten around to putting it on

Then you need to make sure you are NOT using triangular kinematics until you
install the linkage kit.

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That’s the weird thing. I have it set up for quadrilateral and the horizontal cuts were arching. When I changed the triangular measurement but still kept it quad it started cutting straight

That just means that several of the numbers that are used for quadrialateral were wrong, and those are ignored when you do triangular (you will have other errors as the sled tilts, but they will show up in different ways)

I changed the encoder steps. Also noticed the measurement I moved did nothing. It just started cutting more accurate because I was towards the bottom of the sheet. Up towards the too it’s still making an arch. The motors dont move. It’s a unistrut frame

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The simulator (Actions -> Simulator) can be a good tool to see how changing different settings effects the way the cuts will come out. Having parts arc is a common symptom from any measurement being off, but the simulator can give you some insight on how each measurement matters

If you have a linkage kit, set it up, it’s not worth messing with fixing the
problems with the temp frame if you can switch to triangular kinematics

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I was messing with the simulator but don’t really understand it