Is + inkscape possible?

Is there a (simple) way to use as a kind of inkscape extension?

as in using inkscape as a GUI to tinker with the parameters.

This way people could overlay a over a drawing that has the dimensions of their frame and motor positions. This could then make it very easy to see if a certain setup is ‘good enough’ to cut a certain size of shape.

Once more people have a Maslow this kind of tool could make a difference when working with a portable setup. …What are we going to build, how large do we need to make the frame. …As we don’t want to waste time and material …especially on the largest parts.

Now the spits out exellent .png files so this already works to some extent.
But having this with a inkscape GUI around it may be just that little extra that woodworkers may want, who don’t have joy in commandline work.

Also I wonder what needs to be done to output in SVG in real metric and imperial instead of ‘pixelionian somethings’ .png format.