Makercam help needed

I have uploaded my svg file from Inkscape to makercam. But I have a few questions. I am only going to be cutting out text like words in different fonts

  1. Does the size I choose in Inkscape need to be the size I want the cut to be or do I choose that In makercam?
  2. Once I upload to makercam how do I answer the attached screenshots info?
    3 what is my next step in makercam before I cut it?

Thank you in advance.

Generally you want to do all your design work in inkscape (this would include size) and use makercam to add the tool paths. I’m not that familiar with makercam but most seem to suggest 96 for the SVG Res and I would just leave the rest alone.

I’ve been using stepdown sizes more like 0.15 inch, and a safety height of 0.25. Will take three times fewer “passes” than at 0.05 in. Make the stepdown height evenly divisible by the total cut height. If you set the stepdown to 0.15 and you are going down 0.50 total, the last pass will be a third as aggressive as the previous cuts. Better to use 0.13 I think. Makercam doesn’t have a roughing and finishing option. (Remove most material but leave just a bit, so the final cut on the wall is done in a single pass. Not sure if Maslow is ridgid enough to really make that work anyway!)

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