It's Alive! First Cuts

some 3/4" insulation…

Still need to cut a new sled out. I had issues with my first build of the 80/60 frame with too much flex. I like how this one is working out so far.


Very cool! I’m fairly excited about the prospect of foam cutting and doing architectural details for exteriors.

hi @benjip - any chance of a side view of the frame - I once suggested having the back legs hold up the top bar, and I think you might have put it into practice?

The top bar is still supported by the front legs, I just added some scrap pieces to keep it from flexing. They will be in the way of top cuts though.

@TheRiflesSpiral same here! I’m going to messing around with hard coating next.

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Looking good!!! We haven’t seen a lot of foam cutting so it’s exciting to see this!

Thanks - looks like a good option

MaslowCNC Wiki: Stock Materials page sure could use a quick write up of your experience.



What is that material? What bit did you use, looks great!


Bit from the online store, and standard Lowes insulation I had laying around.

Router rpm speed is kept slow, i did this in 2 quick passes, the first cut was at 5/8" deep.

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Since you were cutting in foam, about how long did that take to cut out?

Other than messing with the depth of the cut, I haven’t touched the other settings. My sled doesn’t have any rounded edges, so I’m holding off till I can cut a new sled.

I wouldn’t think anything more than 2 passes on 3/4" foam would be needed.

Some notes:

  1. Need to sand the edges of ring, seems lumpy and jerky.
    2.Sump pump discharge hose is really cheap alternative to shop vac hose. 30ft for 12$
  2. Wd40 the chain, noticed it keep it from binding. Night and day difference.

About 20 min

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I take it that it works well, or well enough?

If say well enough, I’m not sure what wood dust would do, I really don’t plan on cutting any with this machine.

Another attempt… Still need into figure why makercam retracts the bit when it pockets deeper on each step down.


FYI - For those working in foam. My family used to make foam features for buildings, tim, columns, and so on. There are special foam coating systems available if you want a fiberglass like ridged coating. Standard solutions typically attack the foam on application.


Thank you


What is the intent of these foam cuttings (you going to paint them?, make molds?). They look great! Is that a tiny bit or are you using a v-point?

Just practice for now. I have a sign shop I’ll be using it for the things I’ve been subbing out over the last few years. Most of it will be just making rigid backs for signs contoured to the same shape and some trade show items. It’s just a standard 1/4 milling bit.

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I’ve used elmer’s glue mixed with latex paint before on some indoor projects. I need to make some fake brick panels, so I’ll be looking for a commercial coating soon.