It's time to ask for "directions"

My brother and I started a small business a few months ago and have use the money we got from small handyman projects to “upgrade” our Maslow. We had been looking from a distance and reading forums to get by, but now I’m stuck.

I recently got a C-beam upgrade for the z-axis but the standard motor that came with the Maslow z-axis is not strong enough to up the speed!

What motor can I buy to up the z-axis speed and do I need to edit files on the computer for this to work and how would I do this?

I need some knowledge and wisdom on what to do next. Here are some photo’s of our Maslow and a video of the z-axis.

Thanks so much for the help.


One easy way to up the speed of your z-axis is to use geared belts to change the ratio that drives the lead screw of your axis.

Check out my setup here, which also has links to the parts I bought.

If you choose to go the route of changing the motor, you may run into some issues with finding a compatible encoder. There are threads that address this issue, so it is certainly not insurmountable, but from an ease of implementation standpoint, the gears worked great for me.

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I agree changing the belt and wheels is easiest
use above calculator to find out the belt size needed.

or if you want a faster motor you can buy this off amazon which is much faster, above thread has decent instrucitons as well.

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Thanks guys @Keith @Metalmaslow , that helps a lot all ready. I’m ordering some parts now, a Pulley, GT2, 60 teeth for 6mm Belt, a Pulley GT2 20 Teeth for 6mm Belt and a Closed Loop Timing Belt GT2 6mm wide.

Would love to get a faster motor, but I’m from South Africa and shipping things takes time and is a hassle when it comes to customs.

Will give an update as things progress.


the belts are cheap, you might want to order the next size up and down and some spares. I ordered the wrong size and had to wait another month before the right size came.


+1 on this

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