Question about a New Z-axis

Okay so I have the stock z-axis motor on my rigid router. I am having the same problems that a lot of people have been having with it being inconsistent on depth. I have been trying to follow all the posts about new z axis setups and different motors. It’s a lot to take in to say the least. Is there a new design that is best?

Have you done this?

the problem with the R22002 router is that it is too big and heavy, and has more power than the maslow can take advantage of. Switching to a dewalt 611 or Makita Rt0701c which is $75 refurbished or $100 new and using a Cbeam would cost less than the rigid r22002 and have much better z axis control and is 4 lbs vs 10.5 lbs so center of gravity is lower as well.
shows 3 d printed part to mount motor on the cbeam.

Is there a reason we don’t use the smaller rigid palm routers, if the big one is overpowered?

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I’ve burned out the bearings in a 2HP Bosch router used in a router table configuration doing lots of window and door trim work, and had to replace them. I wouldn’t want to downgrade the Maslow to a palm router that is designed for laminate trimming and other light duty uses, when we need it to cut for hours at a time. While a lower center of gravity may be an advantage, we’re already attaching bricks to the sled to get the weight needed, so I don’t see any advantage in a lighter router. I’d rather be sure I have something that can cut through anything I throw at it rather than risk it stalling on a cut.

[quote=“Earl, post:5, topic:6234”]
I’d rather be sure I have something that can cut through anything I throw at it rather than risk it stalling on a cut.[/quote]

Given the maximum feed of the maslow is 1000mm/min (40"/min) and most people run it slower than that, its safe to say that any palm router can keep up with that.

One can easily put 50 to 100lbs of pressure on the spindle of a table router, and the feed speeds are at least double if not 4x or 8x faster. they operate under totally different circumstances.

Look at the X carve, MPCNC, low Rider, Root3 cnc, and other DIY cnc kits, they all operate at slow maslow speeds and all of them use a palm router.

try using a hand router with your hands in “normal” position and then try using it with your hands 2" higher. I guarantee you that small difference will make a noticible difference in how easily it cuts. Shifting the CG down a couple of inches is helpful.

because it’s not possible to hook up a z axis motor to the palm sized rigid router without taking the whole thing apart., the dewalt and bosch would require separate more expensive z mechanisms . Milwaukee’s palm looks doable but at $170 its not much cheaper than the R22002. Makita looks doable and is cheaper and available internationally.

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