Joystick for my Maslow

Glad to hear you chime in on this topic. It looks like the ‘MPC’ flavor of pendant sends machine pulse codes to the driven motors, not a solution in our case. Do you know how the USB flavor ones work? Is it by emulating a keyboard? Have you seen the data stream from one of these documented?

I have ordered a usb controller, hopefully I can get it to work with my maslow. Ill share my results here if i succeed. Please let me know if any of you have success on the subject!
Cheers to an artistic approach to a delightful open source system.

Which one did you pick?

These two…figured I could use them elsewhere if my maslow doesnt cooperate.

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Great, thanks for linking those arcade buttons, a quiet morining googling stuff and i’ve added a retropie arcade cabinet to the list of things i want to make. That list only gets bigger and my spere time only gets shorter :-s


Playing around with controlling GC with a numerical keypad as a pendant, I’ve run up against an issue that raises a question. Presently the touchNumberInput routine captures the keystrokes of the keypad, which makes sense as a way to enter numbers for settings. What would the best way to handle this if a pendant wants the keystrokes instead? Is it dangerous to have the keypad active in both purposes?
I guess I’m assuming that a USB pendant would send numeric keypad key codes. Does anyone have experience about this?

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I don’t think you need to change anything, if the arrows on the screen are linked to arrows on the keyboard it would just be: Numlock on is numbers, numlock off is arrows.
I like the idea of making an external keypad the pendant.

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Oh yeah, bring on the freestylin’ ;¬)


That would work, but the keyboards I have on hand don’t have numlock keys :upside_down_face:
@Dag83, do you have a keyboard with ‘numlock’? If so, would you mind running this python/kivy script to see whether ‘numlock’ alters the keycodes? (1.2 KB) That would save me a search for a vintage keyboard. I suspect that it will not, and some software toggle will be needed.


I’ll try checking it out. Kinda short on time right now, setting up a retropie arcade machine, blame @Gallagher :smiley:
I also wonder is the numlock is systemwide, or if it’s possible to put the keypad on the keyboard in normal switchable mode, and lock tbe external one to numlock off. Actually i don’t think i ever turned off num lock so the one on the keyboard doesn’t even have to switch


Do you mind if I? Already tested but waited for you :slight_smile:


And the envelope, please… holding my breath!

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The return values do not change, numlock pressed or not

Thanks, @Gero. I suppose that there could be a flag set whenever we’re not in the touchnumber routine to treat the numpad as arrows. Other ideas about how to decide and indicate the present status?

Is it possible to let your pc differentiate between buttons on an external keypad, and buttons on the numerical keypad on your keyboard?
Like intercepting the usb signal, really don’t knlw anything about this, but is it possible to let your usb keypad be recognised like a gamepad or something?

I think the usb keypad looks just like the one on the keyboard to the system. Getting deep into the USB data stream is over my head. :flushed:


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Did you guys mange to get this finished?

I have found myself looking at the Z-value all the time so having a pendant with a display (and possibly a jog-wheel) would be really nice!

What is the current state of this plan ?

I’d like to know too.