Just got my Maslow - but nothing much is working

Hello there,
I have been having fun unpacking and getting ready to build my Maslow which arrived a couple of days ago.
I have been following the install guides and I think that I have gone through every step correctly
I have set the port and have loaded the firmware onto the arduino ok via USB cable- so I guess that is all good.
I have loaded the GC onto my Win 10 PC laptop
I have assembled the sheld and connected the moters, power cable to the sheld and usb cable to the arduino all as per instructions.

When I open the CG and try to see if the motors will move (test motors/encoders) silence, nothing works at all…

I have looked through the trouble shooting guide - but nothing there seems to fit

Any thoughts?
Steve from down under

Should have said
Win 10
GC 1.10
Firmware 1.10

Does GC say its connected to the controller? If not, go to Actions->Ports and pick the com port.

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This is what it shows when its not connected (see bottom “Not Connected” message)


That’s the story glory!

Now we have movement

All systems are go



Lol. I made the same mistake and had to go through it twice to figure it out.