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Maslow Firmware

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Not sure if I am posting this in the correct forum. I am trying to setup my Maslow and have downloaded Arduino and Groundcontrol but they are not talking to one another.
The message that I am getting is:Connected to port COM3
Connection Timed Out
It is possible that the serial port selected is not the one used for the Maslow’s Arduino or that the firmware is not loaded on to the Arduino.

But when I go to the Arduino 1.8.8 and File ->Tools->everything is selected correctly.
When I chose the Firmware/Certicates Updater and Test Connection it fails with a message that says"Programmer not responding - Make sure that the FirmwareUpdater sketch is loaded on the board"

Hope someone can help!!!


Were you able to get the firmware to upload to the Arduino successfully like this:

That issue usually means that the firmware is not yet installed on the Arduino


thanks for the replay BAR. yep i tried to upload from there and was getting the “make sure that the FirmwareUpdater sketch is loaded on the board” message first. so that prompted me to do the test my connection… :frowning:


Can you please open a new topic in the troubleshooting category?
Post a screenshot of the arduino software with the sketch loaded there and explain more in detail.
Many users will jump to help.

Regards, Gero


sorry gero… im still new and trying to figure out where to post when… i figured it out… thanks BAR!!!



No worries :slight_smile: As soon as you have the post up i’ll post some questions.


I figured it out. I was running windows 10 and some of the securities on it was not unzipping all of the files. I figured it was the firmware because the 2 boards were not communicating with each other. I installed it on 2 different computers and it was doing the same thing. It made me wonder if the latest firmware was missing anything so I backdated and loaded an older version and it was doing the same thing… Thanks for all the help I’m sure I’m a have plenty more questions