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Just works - IF you use python3

After I got most of the hardware sorted out, I went ahead and got a trusty old Asus EEE 901 netbook, installed Debian 10.5 Buster, git clone’d the repository, installed python-pip, and tried to get stuff going. Didn’t really succeed. Scipy couldn’t be found and various other things.

Removed most everything python-2.7 related, softlink’d python3 to python, git clone’d the repo again, ran pip3 install -r requirements.txt, executed python et voila, the webpage was reachable. imported my old groundcontrol.ini, used dmesg | grep tty to find out what port the Arduino was connected to, modified it using the web page, and after plugging in the power cord for the motors the motors verified okay. Loaded a NC file, and let the sled move around. Found about the web camera button, pressed it, and all of a sudden the build-in web cam of the netbook came to life and I had a visual of everything going on.

Thank you very much for providing everything. Everything worked really nice, after moving to the python3 packages.

Eventually I will get my Makita router working and will report how the cutting works :slight_smile:

Thanks again, and have a great week.


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Did the release(releases) version not work? You now have the ability to develop and improve the code if that is what you were after, but the release has all dependencies so no installation other than unzipping is required. Now that you can, what features will you add?

I usually git clone and go from there.

The only thing that I am constantly thinking about wanting to have the ability to turn on and off 230V devices. From my cursory glance, this is something that someone already has achieved.


Hook a relay to aux 1 on Arduino for router, and you can switch dust collection and other items with it

Thanks for the hint.

Am I just too stupid, or is there no button on the WebControl interface to control it? Would I need to setup a GCode and assign it to a macro?


Aux1 is controlled in gcode with M3 for on and M5 for off. You an use one of the macro buttons to assign it to M3 and the other to M5 on the right as well. I’m not sure if the macro buttons work mid cut.

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Perfect. Thanks. Not much more I can think of, except maybe, instead of needing to physically attach something on the device have a way to execute a command. I am more a software gal, and even though I know where the hot part of a soldering iron is, I do not have had the best of luck when it comes to electrical connections :smirk:


there are a few threads on here with the circuit. @Metalmaslow includes a switching power strip with his systems; you might ask him about one of those or just get the amazon relay and a few jumper wires and splice an extension cord to make one yourself. I can draw one up with a parts list if that is of interest.

Thank you for the offer. It is not that much about getting it going (which I probably could), but more a matter of rules in Germany with regards to building stuff which interfaces with 230V. That’s one reason, I prefer to have ready-made stuff, and imho, adding a Wifi-controlled switch will probably the way to go. Thanks for the pointers though.