Kits not for sale .. board not for sale ..... so how do I build my own maslow?

I seem to arrived late to the game and the kits are no longer for sale. I have not looked at all the parts but I don’t do surface mount soldering or make custom circuit boards. . . so I was wondering if someone had already made a list of through hole components and alternate suppliers for motors, brackets, chains, other than the store maslow storefront.



Check out the BOM file.

Also, @Bee is developing/producing upgraded controller boards that he should have available soon. There’s a line forming for those.

the wiki has a list of all components, most o them are off the shelf, some are custom and will need to be ordered from China which takes 2 to 3 weeks.
as far as the circuit board goes member Bee is working on getting them made that is the easiest way to get one
the only hard thing to source is the motors and those I think are still in stock in the store
idler sprockets, motor sprockets, and motor clamps are on aliexpress
is where the details are for the basic machine and the community garden has pretty much every laser cut file you could ever use.

you have to make your own JST 6 cables too, you can get those connectors off ebay. good luck.

Here’s to hoping that Bar and Hanna get their needed cool down, and then come up with a solution for the kits. I am betting there are others out there in the community that would consider taking on the task of creating kits. In the meantime, keep your eyes open for folks that are selling their kits or machines. There have been several in the last month.

Keep the faith! These machines are too cool, and the community is superb!


Did not understand the question entirely but perhaps @blurfl and @Bee would do.

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The TLE board and BOM are in the community Garden here:

I have a forked version of this:

I’m actively producing the boards - fww

Thank you

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Is there a link to buy the boards you are producing?

How does one “line up” for a board when you’ve got them ready to sell?

he is doing a kickstarter for them, but is waitng for approval according to his last post on the “blue” thread.