Yet another parts request thread

Guys. I’m new here and I suppose I did not do a reasonable search. I just found out about this amazing thing called the Maslow CNC. I go to buy a kit. Oops, no kits. OK, I go to look for the parts. Oops, incomplete parts list everywhere I look.

It appears the most complete list I can find is here:

Look: The meat and potatoes of the whole thing lists source as “Maslow”. No offense, but that is useless if they don’t have any kits to sell.

I will beg; please help me get a complete parts list of where I can buy / make the stuff I need. I would love to build one, but I’m not going to hunt and peck looking for stuff. I’m either useless, or this is more difficult than it needs to be.

Thank you,

there are various threads from people working to supply the parts, but at the
moment you would have to pull a bunch of things together (and put together your
own motor controller)

David Lang

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If you can wait till end of November that is when we will most likely be shipping our new kits

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I don’t mind paying for the kit at all. I can wait. What is annoying is the discombobulation when it comes to sourcing the parts yourself.

I would be willing to pay for the parts list if it is very descriptive, and states the framework of what needs to be purchased in no uncertain terms.

Guys - I’m sorry, but this is frustrating; it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can find links to the blueprints if you want to have the metal parts cut yourself here: Maslow Ring System Sled , but I realize that’s a big hassle.

Let’s make it better! What can I do to make that list the definitive list you are looking for?

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Thanks everyone. I was dreamily hoping when I came here that everything needed would be listed on one page. That link is great, thanks!

If the incomplete stuff on this page ( ) were completed with sources, parts or some info on how to do it yourself - would be a great start, right?

When I get a kit, I will make that my mission, if it’s not done beforehand. Unless there’s a push NOT to do it.

I would like to apologize. I was so excited when I saw this! Now, the excitement has turned to frustration. I’ll get over it, and hopefully leave it better than I found it.


you can get metal parts laser cut from
you can get the maslow shield PCB from user name BEE
you can get the motors from the maslow store.
Unfortunatley it’s not really an easy process nor cheap when you have to pay for S&H from a dozen places.

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