Kompass’s Maslow-Thread

Dear all well respected community,

after I use the Maslow now since a couple of months and doing some cuts that I am very happy with… after installing WebControl and the SSH Samba Server with a lot of help from you guys, I wanted to start optimizing the Maslow and increase the accuracy of possible.

For the far future I think about adding a China Spindle that makes tool change easier and reduce the noise I am producing (sorry neighbors, but it’s so much fun!!)
As well I want to design a new sled with a LED and a dust extraction tunnel like I saw several times in here.
I wanna use this Post to update it with several Milestones as a kind of a diary.

As well I want to use this Thread to solve specific issues regarding my Maslow.

So far…So good, I want again to thank all of you guys helping me already made the Maslow Dream come true.

I want to start with a problem of my build that creates me problems especially at round cuts with low drill diameter. But also the normal cuts are affected, but so far it was tolerable.
My sled is not lying flat on the Cutting surface, and also playing around with the height of the ring did not help me solving that. It looks to me that also the center of gravity is not in the center more in the upper part of the sled.
When I move the sled from point a to b then it is wiggling…
Do you have any suggestions that helps me solving that problem?

Here some pictures for you to understand my situation.

Here are too videos that show the problem

PS : Big sorry for the mess in my messy workshop! :sweat_smile:

how much does that bosch router weigh?
it looks like the bottom half of the sled is lifting up, that means the chains are too high. take your chain ring and move it down about an inch. maybe try moving the entire 2x4 that holds the motors back an inch?

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I actually thought the same, because it seems like i am way too up when I am parallel…

Agree with Metalmaslow and it seems to me that the sled bottom is not flat, the sled wobbles.

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the bit used can make a huge difference here.

David Lang

the ring is FAR too high (note that this sort of skipping can also be caused if the bit is dull and not cutting well, but in this case, it’s clear the ring is too high)

take the sled off the maslow, get a piece of angle and clamp it to a desk, then suspend the sled on the angle by the top ring mount, moving it in and out until it balances. that’s the height you want the ring to be at.

This is probably going to be so close to the sled that the chains are going to be at quite an angle, you have two options at that point:

  1. put something behind your workpiece to push it out to where the chains are parallel
  2. modify your frame to move the top beam in towards the frame.

I now moved the top beam and put the ring lower. Seems to better now will test this the next week.

Today i finished a small box for the dust collector. Have a small workshop so have pay attention not to waste space.
I cut the holes for the cyclone with the maslow for sure :+1::nerd_face:
The front door is also ready excepted the closing mechanism and the sealing tape.
Just have to build a inner box now.

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