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My Maslow is drunk


i just finished resetting up my maslow after moving to a new shop. started cutting out a a design. i walked away for a bit, and when i came back all the lines were jagged, and some it looks like it just completely jumped. any advice on how i can fix this issue before i waste another sheet of ash plywood?

I did catch it as it was making some unintensional mountain ranges… looked like the more extended chain was going slack. do i not have even weight on the sled? or is the sled catching somewhere? it seems like its worse at the corners. but do have wavey lines in the middle areas as well.


The main pictures of sled and the alignment of the sled-chains and slack-chains with the sprocket are missing.
It looks like something is catching or sticking. I would assume that it’s something that you can see if you are there :wink:
(MaslowCNC is not a tool you leave alone or frequently monitor with a web-cam. A few cases of fire and near fire are reported)


Ill get pics when im back at the shop. i had some cuts turn out when i put my hand on top of the sled. when i balance the sled just by the chain it seems to be balancing vertically but thats just eye ball measurement. im assuming it should balance a whole lot closer to the angle of the sheet. and ill try not to get lost watching videos instead of watching the machine.


If I am remembering correctly I had some similar issues with my Maslow when the center of mass of the sled was not aligned properly. This would make the sled jump if there was not enough pressure on the top of the sled or the bottom of the sled. And for me I believe that it changed on the direction that the machine was running due to the spinning of the spindle.


as soon as i got to the shop this morning, i adjusted the height of the ring so the angle of the dangle matches the angle of the board or at least close enough. still have a bit of see-saw action from the bearings not rolling smoothly on the ring, so i think its time to sand off the coating on the edge of the ring. also need to cut a new sled with a smaller hole so i can use the alignment tool that came with the router. i also moved my laptop so i can actually keep an eye on things. Thank you for the advice!


Check it you have ‘moon-like’ surface on the inside of the ring from the coating.
If, so sand the inside with fine grid so the bearings run smooth.

Edit explaining ‘moon-like’:


yeah its got a case of the craters going on. if it wasnt currently running, id be sanding it right now!


finally got a chance to sand the ring. definitely seems to roll smoother now. i think i can trust it to run well enough that i can take bathroom breaks!


Thought I would could give a hint to the new suppliers:
There was a 3rd one that name started with a C? (help me out please)


Another supplier? glad the community has picked up the slack.


East Bay Source is another supplier of kits. I don’t know what one starts with “C”. :thinking: