Land of the free because of the brave

Used MDF with a 1/4, then 1/8th bit to get this gone.


Awesome! What was your painting technique?

Over all from top to bottom.
Red back
Blue America, blue back in the middle
White starts, white stripes white back
Red striped and red BRAVE
Then touch up and the service letters.

Looks like a scrapped attempt right next to your final cut. Dare I ask how long it took to cut? What do the letters inside Brave mean?

I guess you can’t really see it with out zooming in but each of the letters in the brave has another letter cut into it, one for each of the armed services.

I meant did you paint it all by hand or did you do a bunch of masking?

Air Force
Coast Guard


Only masking I did was the boarders of the back ground, having everything at different heights creates natural borders.

wow that paint job is sharp!