Fusion 360 Practice - Name Board

Hey everyone! I decided to take advantage of the educational license of F360 and try to learn it. I’m not much for watching tutorials (just the occasional google search), but I managed to get this created in a few hours. So while Mr Easton has been sleeping in my lap, and mom was able to get a nap on the other couch I figured I’d get to work on a name board for above his crib!
I haven’t played with the CAM portion yet though…any quick tips? Or is that worth actually doing some reading on?
Without further ado here are my renders (which I absolutely love with F360!)
Cutting this project and cleaning/finishing my other project will probably have to wait until this weekend unfortunately.


That looks excellent! Can’t wait to see the cut ones!

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If it comes out half as good as the render I will be very pleased haha! The F360 CAM software is taking a little learning, but so far I’m liking it, it seems to be a very intelligent process.
I’ve been following your build, keep it up! Navy by chance?

No, I’m an Army veteran. I went to a Navy school for my second MOS. Yeah, I’m very frustrated with my lack of getting CAD to print a 1:1 that I could use as a template, I should have just laid it out by hand, but I think the template would be more accurate. Although, I am probably being over critical, I don’t need .005" accuracy. I sure would like to be able to though hahahah.

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Looks great! Go Navy!

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