Laser engrave project with Maslow, need help please

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I want to engrave a large world map on cork so I can place pins on locations I’ve already visited, as seen in the picture below.


I have a 2.5 W laser engraver (Watts: 2.5 W, Voltage: DC12V, Power: >2A, TTL signal input 0-5V input (0V off/5V On).

I am thinking of connecting the laser to the AUX port of the Maslow shield and using the automatic spindle function in ground control to control the laser. I don’t have much experience with electronics. Is this doable?

How many Amps and volts do the Aux port supply? How do I connect the laser to the AUX port (Which wire goes where)? Has anyone done something similar?

Any advice will be appreciated.


I would build a housing for the laser to fit in the router base of my Maslow, and use a stand alone power supply for the laser. The height adjustment on the z-axis will change the intensity of the laser instead of adjusting power to do so. Might have to change the z-axis pitch to get desired shading out of the laser but overall should be relatively easy.

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The aux ports are TTL logic which is great because

That looks like exactly what the laser requires.

Rather than me tell you what I would do I recommend that you generate the gcode you want to run to cut out the map and I will make that gcode turn on and off one of the aux ports. I’m not sure what the standard Gcode command is for powering a laser, but if you post some sample code I bet we can figure it out quick


I like your idea of using the height to control the laser power. The z axis is just very slow.

You can adjust that lol.
I would take bars advice though since the power/signal requirements match. that would be much more efficient, and a huge contribution to the Maslow in general. Who doesn’t want a laser??

I was going to mention programing macro1 and 2 and implement that into the gcode but I’m not as familiar with how to do that as others. I was thinking of designating those buttons as the on and off for the router/laser by signaling an output to a relay that can handle the potential 13A load of the laser…I mean router lol

I connected the laser to my 3d printer today. I works on marlin using a ramps 1.4 board. It is connected to the 3d printers fan port. G-code M106 turns it on and M107 off, with S1-255 for intensity. An example
M106 S225
G01 X10 Y5 F1000. Here is my setup.

And G-code file that was created in inkscape using an laser engrave extension.
Engrave (2).gcode (1.1 MB)


My experience is lasers need to be really precisely focused. I have laser cutter/etcher based on something like this. If I were doing this I’d design a spring loaded holder for the laser with an adjustable ball riding on the surface to maintain the proper distance while moving.

FYI - somewhere I did some Lord of the Rings maps on cork placemats.

I look forward to seeing how this works.

Thank you

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I’ve opened PR #445 to add support for the M106 and M107 commands. I have not tested it with a laser (Because I don’t have one), so let me know if you have any issues when you get it up and running