Maslow laser addon?

Not for cutting, only for better zero positioning. :wink: I had hard time zeroing the maslow. It is hard to watch from the side of the router through the big hole if the maslow is on the right starting position… now its better to see!


Nice! Can you post details so we can follow your lead?

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Yeah I want to see more details too! That looks awesome!

It’s not that high tech. I bought 2 simple line lasers, removed the laserdiode with the optics en glued them on the Maslow. I put both laserdiodes on 1 original batterybox with switch. If this is really working well then i will make some better mounting brackets and for the future it will be great that i can switch it from the maslow board. I’am great with tools, know a thing of two of electronics, but writing code… I don’t know yet. :wink: