Left motor stopped working

I was in the middle of citing the frame parts when the left motor stopped working. I have tested the motors and neither motor plugged into MP3 will work. The motors seem to be fine. I have a z axis.

Any ideas would be great.


The first thing I would try would be to do Action -> Test Motors/Encoders. If the left motor fails, I would try swapping them to make sure it’s the controller and not the motor

Bar I have done that per the trouble shooting guide. Still not working.

Great trouble shooting!

In that case I think we’ve narrowed it down to a bad Arduino shield. If you email @hannah (hannah@maslowcnc.com) we’ll get you a new one ASAP.

Sorry for the trouble!


My 10 year old and I were just getting into it. This is our first venture into CNC. I appreciate the support. As you know this is an awesome project and your support has just Relieved all my angst.

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Thanks! We do our best, but we couldn’t do anything without the support and patience of our community :slightly_smiling_face:

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