Z-AXIS Motor Does Not Worl

I am setting up my Maslow for the fist time. My kit is from the batch that shipped on 7/3/18
Everything was going well until the motor test. The Z-Axis motor fails in both directions. I swapped the motor positions between MP2 and MP3 and the problem follows the motor/cable not the MP2 connection on the shield.

What is the pin-out supposed to be for the cable? It appears there may have been a change in cable/color coding and possibly motor from previous . The supplied cable matches the pinout of the L and R motors (with a smaller connector for the z-axis motor.

Am I missing something simple?

Windows 10, GC v 1.24, cnc_ctrl_v1| Arduino 1.8.5

The pinout should match the other cables with a smaller connector so that sounds correct. Does the motor move or make any noise when you run the test? Do you by any chance have a voltmeter to test the continuity of the wire?

Motor makes no sound. I can check cable continuity tonight. Thanks for jumping on this.

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did you turn on the z motor in firmware?

yes. tried that. If I attach one of the other motors to the z axis connection on the controller shield I can prove the motor controller works and the z axis control is turned on.

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If the motor makes no noise at all and the port is known to be good from plugging in a different motor the cable would be my first guess. Let us know how the continuity testing goes

Pin 1 (black) does not pass on the cable. All other pins work. Sounds like I need a new cable.
My original order # is 07975

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Unfortunately I don’t have any parts at all anymore October was the cutoff for me being able to ship you one. Let me talk to the current suppliers and see if I can get one if them to send you one

I found the problem. There is a break in the cable. Looks like it was damaged prior to being sleeved. I will splice it.


If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll get a cable to you.

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