Links in emails point to wrong location, issues with logins google/github

The links sent in emails point to rather than

In addition to this when using the login for google and github don’t work. This requires me to switch sites after going to so I can login using github.

I think this has to do with either the %{respond_instructions} or %{context} variable but I’m unsure how to edit them at the moment.

I’ll ask @bar for help.

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This problem still exists and so you can’t login after clicking a link in an email.

From an admin acount, go to setting and just search for anything that contains trydiscourse and fix it.

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FWIW I can never log in from my iPhone using Google auth. Works fine from desktop.

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I couldn’t figure it out from glancing through the settings so I emailed Discourse support. They’re usually pretty quick about responding so we should know something soon. Sorry for the trouble!

It turns out it wasn’t something that could have been changed on our end, but the folks over at discourse think it should be taken care of.

Anyone reading the response to this in an email able to check if things are working correctly now?

Well, I just clicked a link in this week’s email and it worked just fine for me.
So good job.

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