How To Reference The Old Forums

The old forums are still available if you want to reference them, but I’m working on disabling the ability to make new posts there (because new posts should be here! :grin:)

If you need to reference them, you can find them at:

Was just wondering about this, thanks.

Only downside currently is that any links to specific spots in old forum will end up on this forum’s homepage without any helpful user feedback. Here’s an example reply that has a link to another previous thread in it (“some headaches” is the link):!/general:z-axis-cant-keep-up/darn-was-checking-back-in

Not sure if you can modify the 404 handling on discourse easily via a setting or not, but perhaps redirecting all requests with the /forums/#! pattern to corresponding URL with replacement pattern /oldforums/#! is possible.

Discourse doesn’t use the #! hack in its URLs so should be more than safe. Preserving links to old pages is good SEO and just good internet citizenship.

Oh, one other note. Given that the old forums will still be up for reference and linked to, if at all possible I would add a banner on every page of the old forums informing users of the new forum’s location. Put it at the bottom of the page seems good.

Also maybe a link back to the website from the forum?

Yeah, mentioned that in Links to the Wiki.