Cut a small boat transom, aka why I built Maslow

The reason I built Maslow was I got aggravated trying to cut and fit this transom. Trust me, it’s the best part of the boat!

I had only cut the Maslow logo, and a few very small test puzzle joints (more like finger joints) screwed to the center. Finally got the strut mounted to the bottom, a piece of mdf (supposed to be the same thickness as the workpiece, it’s not) layed in on top of that (idea saw here from somewhere (interchangeable bottom panels, I’ll try and find the original thread), 1/4 inch fanfold insulation per @dustcloud, and used #6 gauge 1-1/4 screws (a bit too short) screwed in by my Hitachi 3.6V electric driver (barely enough power for the #6 gauge screws). 3/8 inch marine ply, and as I’m using a table round sled the the thickest I can do at the moment, but that is mostly what I’ll be using.

Watch “Maslow cutting out small boat transom” on YouTube

Edit: interchangeable panel idea by @rocky_creeker


This is what it looks like with just three wire ties in place. Better than I could do by hand.



Very cool!

Today I trimmed down a bucket lid to hopefully use as a hatch.

Then cut out bulkhead.

Loosely in place with “hatch”.

I didnt add tabs, or screws, planned to hold it in place like I did with the transom, but as it finished it dropped and cut out a little bit along the left bottom. Next time I’ll add screws.

Rear showing how bucket lid goes in. Hopefully I’ll find glue to make this stick.

Edit: note the hatch is off center, as the transom will also have a hatch to be able to slide the mast through. The transom hatch is off center to allow clearance of the rudder.


The bucket lid as a hatch is brilliant!