Looking for a used Makermade Laser Engraving Module (Norcal)

Hi all,

Makermade’s Laser Engraving Module looks like a fantastic upgrade.
Thought I would try my luck to see if anyone here would like to sell theirs?

I can pick up the module if you are around the bay area, or otherwise am happy to pay for shipping from somewhere in the USA.

Let me know, cheers!

Not sure if you are tracking this,

I believe that the laser upgrade only works with the due board (from the M2) and that you will need to purchase separate software to run it.

Thanks Tim!

Fortunately I have the Makermade M2 kit. I was also aware of the software license, but I do appreciate the heads up on the compatability and cost requirements of the engraver.


Awesome! Just didn’t want you to purchase something that won’t work or still cost you money for the software. Let me know how well it works for you! I’ve been interested, but I own a classic so the upgrade would be a bit spendy.

Maybe a bit “OT” here but is there a laser engraving solution for the old HW setup? Not M2?

Hi Arnd. I think some have developed DIY solutions, but the makermade engraver has the advantage of “just working” out of the box.

True but thats M2 only. IMO the M2 upgrade is way to expensive if you compare it to other solutions on the market like this one for USD 219:

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well, if you are going to build your own system, you can just use an arduino and
CAD shieldfor 1/3 or less of the blackbox system.

and the blackbox is just the electronics, you still need to build the motion

David Lang