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Makesmith CNC faintly together. Now what? (What software, specifically?)

Way back when, I bought a MS CNC through the kickstarter campaign. No regrets.

It sat in a box until earlier this year (long story, involved fire).

I finally put it together. Which was a bit of fun.

But now what? I can’t find software for this thing anywhere, not even a hint of it.

Anyone got a link?

Honestly, putting it together was quite a bit of fun and I have a chinesium CNC to go next that is METAL! If there is anyone in the Bay Area terribly motivated to muck with a maybe assembled correctly MakeSmith CNC, I could be talked out of it.

are you looking for the software to run the machine or the software to create
the g-code for the machine?

Software to run the machine and a good starting point for even connecting to the controller. I have used Arduino for various things in the past, but have never talked directly to one in this fashion for motion control (save for spewing G-code at an Ultimaker, but the firmware there was well documented).

I have zero information on what is on the Arduino out of box or how I even connect to it. The docs that I could find were rather sparse.

I’ll tackle the g-code generation after.

have you looked through the wiki? it tells you how to download the firmware for
the arduino and install it, and how to run GroundControl to talk to it.

I have not! I have some OK google-fu and have completely failed to find that. What I have found keeps going to “You need to update your flash” virus sites.

If you have a link handy, it’d be much appreciated.

Isn’t the Makesmith CNC something different than Maslow CNC?

oops, correct. Unfortunantly Bar used the same git repo for maslow that existed
for makesmith, so you have to go back into the early history to find when he
broke the makesmith

There is also an off-by-one bug in the last makesmith code (I don’t remember the
details), but it needs work to make it compile on currentarduino IDE versions.
It’s unfortunantly abandonware at this point.

David Lang