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Looking for help with a project

Hey Everyone!

I am looking for help with a project. A friend asked me if I could make him a sign based on a sticker that he had. After seeing the cut sign the friend asked me if I could do an epoxy pour into the cut out of the letters to match the sticker. I feel confrontable doing an epoxy pour into the cutout but I do not have experience with painting something and using epoxy to match the sticker exclusively. So I need help with the finishing this project. I can do a white pearl epoxy for the middle letters, I can do a fluorescent orange epoxy for the things surrounding the letters. How would you get the other letters black and letter infill black? just a gloss black paint? What kind of paint would you use? Would the black paint and epoxy look okay? I am open to similar ideas, projects, and advice!
Thanks in advance for all the help. I have attached pictures of the cutout and the sticker.


@dmurray253 With what you have, I would paint the whole piece black, and then do your epoxy pours in the orange and white into the pockets according to the sticker. For the “TRADE MARK” portion of that, you could mask around it with tape, paint it orange, and then fill the pocket with white. You could also talk to your friend and see if he would be amenable to having those letters in black and the pocket filled with orange to help ease the process needed to finish it for him. That is how I would approach this project. I’d like to see how it comes out, so please post what you have done when finished.

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Thank you! Do you have a recommendation for what kind of paint would you use for the black? I have only use rattle cans? Should I use an appliance epoxy?

really, that would be up to you and what you like. I have used both enamel (it was oil based and didn’t gel very well with the epoxy) that was brushed/rolled on, and I have used rattle can. It all works, and really it is the prep work that you put in before you paint that makes it all come out well. What I have found is after you paint the base coat (black in your case), do a quick coat of clear and let it all dry completely before doing your epoxy. This will ensure there is no reaction between the epoxy and the paint and will allow it to cure properly, as well as allow you to do some clean up if you “accidentally” get some epoxy on the parts you don’t want.

Just an idea, here is a project that I did that is a pocket cut with epoxy pour after painting:


OK I’ll give my honest opinion of what I’d do in in this situation - it won’t be quite what you want but maybe it’ll give you ideas.

Ok so start with looking at the M in “Motor” see it has orange surround and then a black surround around that. I would use the Maslow to follow the outer edge of that black line and cut out the sign there, changing it from rectangle into an outer shape to match that black line. I’d throw away all of that outer white part (and the black background behind that) and I’d throw out the ‘trade mark’ parts because who cares and they’re not centred anyway. I reckon it would look cooler like that but more to the point it would make the rest of the job super easy because then all you’d need to do is spray the entire thing in black followed with clear (great tip c00nphrog!), and then pour orange and white epoxy infllls and job done. Quick & easy.

Then I’d give it to my friend and say “there ya go mate, if you’re not happy with that then pay someone to make one for you instead” :wink:

Good luck with the project man. I’m keen to see the outcome too!

if you are happy to maslow a new board …

  1. I would invert “Trade Mark”, I mean cut the text in, like that all the orange could be a pour.
  2. Paint the board in white, when dry, I would use a masking method , apply painter tape
  3. Cut
  4. Paint black,
  5. Pour orange,
  6. Remove masking tape.

Thank you all for the suggestions! I ended up removing the trade mark because @macgeeknz said its not centered and I couldn’t live with that. Next I painted the whole the top black, I used a sample of BEHR black. I am not sure what kind of paint this is but it seemed to work. Next I used Rust-Oleum semi gloss (rattle can) black to paint inside the letters. I did this because it was easier than trying to get into all those letters painted by hand. Once the whole thing was black I used a Lacquer to clear coat. After that was dry I mixed and poured the Epoxy resin. Again thank you all very much! Here is the final pictures.


Wow, that looks smashing! Nice one for posting the pictures - always good to see a follow up :slight_smile: Good choice on the cutout shape - looks way cooler than a rectangle I reckon :slight_smile:

Nicely done!! Great work!!